Rapid Antigen COVID Test - $75

Rapid COVID PCR Test - $149

Rapid COVID/Flu Combo Antigen Test - $99

Rapid COVID Antibody Test - $59

Four COVID Testing Options From Southern Drug Company

The pharmacy staff at Southern Drug Company is ready to answer all your questions regarding COVID testing. You can count on fast, onsite testing — from PCR, to regular antigen, to antibody — performed by some of the best technology in today's market.

Before You Arrive

Upon arrival for your COVID testing, please following the below instructions to ensure the safety of those at Southern Drug Company:

  1. Call us to let us know when you've parked in front of the pharmacy: 706-632-4448.
  2. STAY IN YOUR CAR: our staff will come out to you.
  3. Please keep your mask over mouth while receiving your test.

We appreciate your commitment to the safety of our staff and your fellow customers.

The Three Testing Types

COVID Rapid Antigen Test

If you have symptoms or you've been exposed to someone who tested positive, we typically use the Rapid Antigen Test. It's recommended to wait 4+ days from the time of your exposure before you get tested. This test will be performed with you inside your car, it will be processed onsite, and your results will be ready in 20 minutes.

  • Uses a 1-inch nasal swab
  • 15-30 minute results, processed onsite
  • AKA Antigen Diagnostic Test

COVID Rapid PCR Molecular Test

If you are having surgery or traveling, you may need a PCR test. Some surgery centers or destinations will accept a Rapid Antigen Test, which is less expensive, so it's essential to check with them prior to getting tested.

  • Uses a nasopharyngeal swab
  • 30-minute results, processed onsite
  • AKA Molecular Diagnostic Test

COVID Antibody Rapid Test

Great candidates for this test are those who think they might have had COVID in the past. This test is a finger stick blood draw and looks for antibodies developed after one recovers from COVID-19. It's possible to never have had COVID symptoms, yet have antibodies present.

  • Uses a finger stick blood draw
  • 15-minute results, processed onsite
  • AKA Serology Test
  • Call the pharmacy at 706-632-4448 to schedule your COVID Test appointment.